Affective Evaluation uses data as performative artifacts of the user’s participation. Answers will be displayed anonymously on a webpage and are visible to all visitors.

The data provided will not be used for any other purpose or provided to any third party.

Data are anonymized and cannot be linked to a user.

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Dear explorer of realms and realities, as you embark on this quiz, you dive into an affective exploration, composing the collective portrait of this event.

Don’t think too much.

Keep it simple.

Enjoyment is the core!

When you walk into a room you can feel its atmosphere.


A smile is an emotion.


A poker face is an emotion.


You like to feel doubt.


Which part of your body do you like the most?

Which part of your body is the most fragile, and why?

Your emotions produce vibrant bodily sensations.


What is the last impactful emotional event you experienced? Could you locate it in your body?

How is the atmosphere here affecting you?

Can you imagine an emotion that is missing from your daily life on earth?

Have you ever cried in an art institution? Can you share it with us?

Is there a piece of art that you cannot get out of your head?

Which of the following define contemporary art?

  • *The period that follows modern art.
  • *Something very hermetic related to fame, distinction, and “entre-soi”.
  • *A practice that is engaging with our world and trying to look at it, to think it outside of the norm.
  • *A very romantic approach to life then not contemporary at all.
  • *A product of neoliberalism politics, taking a central role in the “creative industries”.
  • *A way to participate in the social and to build a community.
  • *A machine that can produce super high-value products for the market.

What color composition do

you like the most?

Could you feel the desire to caress a wall sometimes? 

Do you believe in empathy?


What is it? 

Is there something around you that makes you feel empathy? Describe this person or this object.

What is your greatest source of pleasure?

What is the strangest emotion you feel?

Please take a picture of an emotion and upload it here below.

Have you ever opened a « no entry door » in an art institution? Tell us more… 

Have you ever secretly touched an art piece? Do you remember the feeling?

What is the strangest thing you did in an art space?

Do you think that art exists even when there is no one to look at it?

Do you have any obsession?

What would be the title of your autobiography?